Marine lights

Explosion proof light

Explosion proof light Suitable for illumination for possible accumulation of explosive gas mixtures of cabin or outdoor spaces

Spot lights

Spot lights This product is designed to use for illumination during long distance and targeted searching on night navigation, life saving, alert etc

Incandescent lamp

Incandescent lamp Applied to the illumination for deck, side walk and wet places or cabin of ships

Fluorescent lamps and lanterns

Fluorescent lamps and lanterns This series of lights fif for illumination for the places of ships with water dripping, water spattering, water coagulating(such as weather place, such as oven cabin, dry cabin, tunnel, pipeline and weather deck etc. ).The temperature of work environment is-25℃~+55℃

Navigation signal light

Navigation signal light This light fits for the ships with the length 50m or above 50m as lamp signal communication when night navigation