Explosion proof light

Explosion proof light Suitable for illumination for possible accumulation of explosive gas mixtures of cabin or outdoor spaces


Product Name:Explosion proof light

1. Applied to the place which may accumulate the gas of inflammable and explosive and each relevant dangerous area, such as ship, petroleum platform, chemical place, coal and other places etc.
2. Applied to the cabins which have inflammable and explosive gas, such as the dangerous place of accumulator room, painting room and liquid cargo ship etc
3. Electrical equipment used in the explosive gas environment is divided into
I Series: Coal mine electric equipment, ll Series In addition to the coal mine of other electrical equipment used in the explosive gas environment
According to the characteristic of the explosive gas, the electric equipment of ll category can be divided: flameproof “d”of ll
category and essence safety “i”, the electric equipment can be divided into A lIB and lC category, the remarking B equipment
fit for the use condition of ll s equipment, the remarking ll C equipment fif for the use condition of l A and ll bs equipment

■ Products feature
1.The shell adopts good quality cast brass,lamps shade adopts hard borax glass with brass protective guard
2. The lamp body adopts seal structure with high waterproof and corrosion resistance
3. The lamps can work normally under the temperature -20C+40℃
4.Cable outside diameter is o10-012 mm
■ Adopt standard
1. Conform to gb3836 GB 12045 standard