26Feb 2019

Marine pullman bed wall mounted bed marine foldable bed


In recent years, due to the increasingly perfect ship regulations and international conventions of various classification societies, cabin design methods, ship construction techniques and materials have gradually met the requirements of human settlements, more emphasis on comfort and aesthetics, and better reflect people-oriented design. The concept and human needs meet the goal of improving and improving the comfort of the cabin.

Conventional marine furniture materials are mainly made of wood, steel and aluminum. For ships with higher weight requirements (such as ships), marine aluminum furniture is generally used. The marine aluminum furniture structure is stable and not easy to burn, and is lighter in weight than steel wooden furniture, and has good workability.

For the original small cabin space, the ordinary bed will bring more inconvenience to the activities of the cabin personnel, so the folding bed is a good choice, and the folding bed can save the activity space in the cabin. The vibration inside the ship cabin is large. In order to increase safety, the outside of the folding bed is provided with foldable handrails, ladders, special ships can also be equipped with safety belts, etc. It is very convenient for the crew to climb the ladder and pull the hand along the ladder. Sliding down on the body.

In order to meet the requirements of the cabin people and individual requirements, the structure is reasonable and stable, and the color design is more beautiful. With the development of surface treatment technology, in addition to monochrome painting, various wood grain effects can be made to make people more comfortable. Natural experience.

For the shipowners with higher weight requirements, the furniture manufacturer is also trying to reduce the weight on the basis of the original design. As a ship cabin furniture supplier, we must proceed from the overall cabin layout design to provide better shipping industry. The solution is our unremitting efforts.