Aluminium honeycomb furniture single bed

Aluminium honeycomb furniture

Aluminium honeycomb furniture

Aluminium honeycomb furniture single bed

Cabin furniture aluminium honeycomb furniture

Aluminum honeycomb panel is a kind of sandwich panel consisting of two aluminum plates as face panels and hexagonal aluminum honeycomb cell as core materials, bonded together by aviation-purpose adhesive film(PUR hot melting film). Thanks to its superb characteristic of light weight, good strength, hyper flatness, sound and heat proof, aluminum honeycomb panel is very popular for marine use:marine furniture,ceiling,floor,wall panel etc.

1.Materials:aluminium honeycomb panel+HPL

2.Surface treatment: wood transfer/laminated with fireproof panel

3.Structrue for Aluminium honeycomb panel laminated with HPL:HPL+PUR+Alu plate+PUR+Alu honeycomb
core+PUR+Alu plate+PUR+HPL

4.Features of Aluminium honeycomb furniture:
4.1 Eco-friendly
4.2 With high viscosity no bulge
4.3 Long life

5.Comparison of hot melting film and glue for Aluminium honeycomb furniture

6.Edge types for Aluminium honeycomb furniture

61.U shape aluminium profile strip

6.2 Pre-treated wood strip (with insert reinforcement)

6.3 HPL strip (with insert reinforcement)

6.4 PVC strip (with insert reinforcement)

7.Packing and shipping of Aluminium honeycomb furniture